Get The Look: Hayley Williams

Get the punk rock look that Hayley Williams was wearing during Paramore’s concert in Circuito

Banco do Brasil in São Paulo this November.

Hayley Williams

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HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market


The next weekend I’ll be getting my geek on at the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!
The event will take place at Olympia in London from Friday 14th November – Sunday 16th November.

HYPER JAPAN is back for the festive season to deliver another instalment of crazy, cute and creative Japanese culture
to Olympia London in the long-awaited Christmas Market 2014. Themed around ‘unique and interesting
Christmas gifts’, the market will feature a higher proportion of shopping booths and gift experiences than in previous
HYPER JAPAN events. However, it is by no means exclusively a shopping experience – guests will be treated to a
wide variety of stage performances, martial arts and cooking demonstrations, cosplayers shows and will of course be able to wine and dine at the ever-popular food and drink stalls.


Marie-Claire-Hyper-Japan-Kris-Atomic146 Marie-Claire-Hyper-Japan-Kris-Atomic280 Marie-Claire-Hyper-Japan-Kris-Atomic289 hyper-japan-2014-bloomzy-earls-court-london-japanese-fashion-beauty-lifestyle-japan-culture-poo hyper-japan-2014-bloomzy-earls-court-london-japanese-fashion-beauty-lifestyle-japan-culture hyper-japan-feb-2012-76 Mario-Luigi-Hyper-JapanHJ_00whole

Tickets cost £12 for the Friday and Saturday sessions, and £15 for the longer Sunday session
To book tickets and for more information visit:

(Some images and most words courtesy of HYPER JAPAN)

Movember x Toms Collaboration


With November signalling the start of ‘Movember’, it’s ‘grow time’ for ethical footwear label TOMS as it showcases
its latest designs to support the cause.

Not just content with putting shoes on the feet of some of the most vulnerable children around the globe, this
is the fifth year that TOMS has teamed up with the Movember charity, offering a limited edition range of footwear.
The label has unveiled a four-piece collection of limited edition shoes featuring moustache prints and motifs to raise
money in association with the month long facial hair challenge. Models include the brand’s classic canvas,
paseos and brogue shapes.


The Toms x Movember footwear collection is available to buy online now.
Prices start from £42 for the grey and black herringbone classics.



Reinterpreting the hilariously cringy couple portraits that regularly circulate the internet, Brooklyn-based
Graphic Designers, Leta Sobierajksi and Wade Jeffree reveal the romance and humour behind their
relationship with this amazing collaborative project, Complements.

With a self-confessed love of bold colours, crisp design, inanimate objects, and of course, each other,
this unique project highlights the couple’s individual talents across art and design disciplines,
as well as opening our eyes to the strangeness of love in a light-hearted and endearing way.

tumblr_n7yifbiPja1tzfpqao1_r1_1280 tumblr_n7yihhcTmK1tzfpqao1_r1_1280tumblr_n7yigcqY0E1tzfpqao1_r1_1280  tumblr_n8bmf4XvYK1tzfpqao1_1280  tumblr_n9s63wMgLz1tzfpqao1_1280tumblr_n9f92mGFBV1tzfpqao1_1280 tumblr_nacjjr7clx1tzfpqao1_1280 tumblr_ncrk5oGySr1tzfpqao1_1280tumblr_ncayrtXT061tzfpqao1_1280

You can find out more about the creative prowess of Leta and Wade – Complements

Remember, remember the Fifth of November…


“Remember remember the 5th of November”… Is on its way which means it’s time for toffee apples, sparklers
and of course fireworks!

Bonfire night is the firework night of the year here in London, only comparable to New Years Eve.
Bonfire night is celebrated because it is associated with Guy Fawkes’ Night, which is held on November 5th,
but people tend to celebrate it on the closest weekend to the date.
Guy Fawkes’ Night began in 1605 when Guy Fawkes; a member of the Gunpowder Plot was arrested while
guarding explosives that the plotters had placed beneath the House of Lords. After this, to celebrate the fact that
King George I survived, people lit bonfires around the city of London and a few months later the date turned
into a public holiday.

1288584559article-1316590381095-0D3075BB00000578-975147_636x300Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.52.27Butterfly-Twists-Best-London-Fireworks-Displays-This-Bonfire-Night-2014FW563959_942long New Year celebrations

Vans MTE Mountain Edition


Vans makes sure your feet can stay warm and dry in style this fall and winter with the Mountain Edition footwear collection, featuring weather-resistant, boot-like versions of the Era and Sk8-Hi. Designed to take on the elements, the
Era MTE and Sk8-Hi MTE both feature durable leather/suede uppers lined with a fleece layer and a heat
retention layer, as well as a Scotchgard treated exterior. A gusseted tongue on each model also helps ensure your
feet will stay dry in the rain and snow. Below sits a reverse-mold Waffle sole for increased traction. The Era MTE and
SK8-Hi MTE debut in Black, Dress Blues and Glazed Ginger colorways, with an additional collab version of the
Sk8-Hi MTE designed by Vans team rider and snowboard legend Jamie Lynn.


Shop your Vans MTE HERE.

ARTIST OF THE WEEK #4 _ Lyle Reimer

MTIxNDI3MjkzNzQ0Njk0Nzk3 You probably haven’t seen selfies quite like the ones Lyle Reimer posts on his Instagram page (@lylexox). Reimer,
a makeup artist who works at MAC in the company’s artistry and development program in Vancouver,
utilizes the social media platform as an art gallery for his selfies, which are often as weird as they are gorgeous.

Reimer, 36, has a style that skews a little bit Cindy Sherman and a little bit drag. A quick glance at his feed also
reveals his main influence: fashion. “I love fashion, I’m obsessed with it,” Reimer said.
A little over a year ago, after building himself a home studio to blow off creative steam after work, Reimer started his
Instagram account. Last Halloween, Instagram’s blog featured him as creative inspiration, and his account
grew from 500 to over 5,000 followers. Reimer regularly posts his latest alter egos, often accompanied by
hilarious text and copious, descriptive hashtags.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.43.46

Before there was Mr. Sketch Scented Markers, there was an alarming percentage of lead poisoning cases that shook the Greenbanks School District. #stayinschooldontdodrugs #artsupplies #landbeforetime #style #fashion #dinosaur #naturalmuseumofhistory #art #voguemagazine #visionaire #punk #paris #me #mua #macpro #couture #fashionblogger #styleblogger #love #lylexox

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.45.46

Mystery and intrigue surrounded the fashion world when Galliano released the LensCrafters ready to wear line. Future collaborations for middle America include: Margiela for Tupperware and La-Z-boy by Galliano for Margiela . #collaborationsgonewild #galliano #margiela #love #couture #costume #halloween #hairstyle #glasses #sunglasses #fashion #fashionblogger #swag #style #art #artdirector #paris

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.46.53

Synchronicity occurred when the power failure at the switchboard took place precisely when Deloris split her slacks
right up her backside. #colourmeembarrassed #droppedcalls #iphone #dialtone #beautymark #halloween #style
#fashion #fashionblogger #artdirector #art #visionaire #voguemagazine #wmag #costume #twoface #dope #swag
#smile #me #mua #macpro #makeup #hairstyle

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.49.07

Went to my dietician yesterday and turns out that I’m severely allergic to fresh water fish, gluten, pleated dress pants
and manual labour. #nosecondopinionneeded #fish #drag #couture #clubkids #love #vogue #visionaire #wmag #wigs
#newyork #nytimes @ladygaga #gay #instagay #instalove #gallery #art #stylist #styleblog #artdirector #me #mua
#macpro #beauty #love #tokyo #sushi

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.52.36

She’s got Legs and She knows how to use them! #clubkids #couture #fashion #style #stylist #macpro #mua #newyork
#paris #milan #tokyo #love

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.54.34

My white Angora 3/4 length sleeve sweater resembled a crime scene, after ordering a dozen of “Mike’s Killer Wings”
with custom mesquite dipping sauce. #twocountsofgluttonyinthefirstdegree #drycleanerbillfordays #missedaspot
#fashion #style #swag #gallery #tribal #piercing #nosering #tattoo #horrormovie #voguemagazine #editorial
#bwhoyouare @bcompleted #septemberissue #mfw #pfw #gay #love #lipstick #me #macpro #mcqueen #mascara #voguemagazine #wmag #flauntmagazine #clubkids


Trick or treat?

Halloween is just around the corner and the party invitations are rolling in.
Everyone is talking about their costume—or costumes—for the creepiest night of the year.
Don’t have a lot of cash to spend on a costume? No worries!
We’ve picked out some of our favourite, easy and cheap costumes ideas to share with you!

Pop Art / Comic Book

pop art


Where’s Waldo?

where's waldo?



Walter White_Breaking Bad

breaking bad

Despicable me Minion



The Son of Man_Magritte


Andy Warhol

andy warhol


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.48.09


Nike Air Huarache Hyper Pink/Dusty Cactus


Resembling a “South Beach” style code, the iconic Nike Air Huarache is given a unique Hyper Pink/Dusty Cactus colorway. This new rendition of the original Air Huarache pairs the cult colorway with a black and white base. The model’s signature neoprene foundation is dressed in black and pink to match the mesh toe box. Black textured overlays and a dusty cactus rubber heel clip and tongue tag help finish off this kick, along with a pure white midsole.
See more angles of this modern makeup of the Nike Air Huarache below.

Nike-Air-Huarache-pink-teal-11  Nike-Air-Huarache-pink-teal-41  Nike-Air-Huarache-pink-teal-61Nike-Air-Huarache-pink-teal-31

shop your pair of Nike Huarache HERE.